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It Was 2 AM In The Night When My Friend And I Murdered The Aloe Vera Plant

Date: 2018-05-31 21:53:55

By Vasundhara


It's 2 am in the night, I and my friends are sitting in the dorm room discussing how much we dislike our house matron (this is taking place in a boarding school). We have our exams approaching but that seems to be our last worry. We have had enough and we can't take it anymore, in the midst of heated discussions and spew of hatred we decide to do the unthinkable.

"Guys, are you sure we should do this?"
"What if she gets to know it's us then we will be screwed?"
"No, we need to do this, she needs to learn a lesson."
"But who will do this on behalf of the dorm?"
After a two minute silence where we all blankly stared at each other's faces, I stood up.
"I will."
"I am ready to do it too," says my brave friend.

We had pens in our hand and courage in our heart, we walked like superheroes outside the dorm with all our friends praying for our safe return. We didn't have a clear plan but our motive was absolute, revenge. Our pens were going to be our weapon and our matron's beloved aloe vera plants, our victims. There wasn't much noise coming from anywhere, our heartbeat was our only companion.

We found ourselves standing in front of the aloe vera plants waiting with bated breaths for our mission to be complete, I and my friend looked at each other, nodded and reminded each other that there was no going back from this one.
"Are you ready?"

We bend down on our knees to reach the level of our victims and I carefully start to slice through the plant, the juice of the plant was slowing spurting out and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. All of a sudden, I turn to my accomplice and find that a different story is being woven. My partner-in-crime has started to zealously stab the plant without caring for its consequence.

I realize that my murder style is a whole lot different than my friend's and my end product may look a lot different than hers so, to replicate her violence I start to stab my victim too. The dark hue of the night is reminding us that violence on an inanimate creature may not have been the wisest way of taking revenge from our matron. As we both start to experience pangs of guilt, we stop and look at each other. We are two teenagers living far away from our parents in Rajasthan, standing in front of our dead victims with our hands covered in green blood.

"Oh my god, we actually killed her plants, her beloved plants." "Do you think we did the right thing?"

And at that moment, I knew we were F*****. The frenzy of what to do next started in the dorm, everyone came up with their own creative idea.
"Let's just say that the cat did it."
"Yeah, let's drop it from the first floor and we'll just act like, nothing happened."
"She obviously won't know it's us who did it."
It's 6 o'clock in the morning, the next day and our matron enters the dorm, she wakes us up as usual and we act as if nothing out of the ordinary happened last night. On our way to the changing room we do exchange evil grins but till then, we think we are safe. We casually walk back into the house after breakfast and in front of us, is our matron, mistress and our dead victims. Like I said before, there is no going back from this one.

That day each one of us took the blame for the murder.
"Ma'am I cut the stem."
"Ma'am I sliced the upper part of the first plant."
"I broke this part of the plant."
I knew Alfred Hitchcock would've been proud of us. Anyway, many years have gone by since that incident took place and I hope new aloe vera plants have been brought in place of the empty pots. Years later, I don't know how many of us will remember this incident but I know I will never forget it, the murderer never forgets.

The End!!

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