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Akshay Kumar And Aranya Johar Powerful Poem On Menstruation Proudly Makes Me Say "Kyoki Mein Ek Bleeding Rani Hu"

Date: 2018-02-03 17:42:24

By Erica

"Jo Akal Ke Kache Hai Please I request You To Be A Lil More Sensible"

For years together, women have been restricted from entering temples, kitchens only because they are menstruating. Till date, even the educated hesitate to say 'PERIODS'. It feels like a curse on the lips and the blaring sound of a horn to the ears.

When women have mood swings, when they can't decide or express anger and irritation, men are brave enough to ask, "month ka uss time hai kya?". Why does she need a reason so stupid to express the way she feels? When there is a spot on her kurti, others rush to warn her. Telling her to hide it. Why should be so ashamed? It is a cycle of the body. It is the beauty of the human body.

A girl is under pressure to constantly check the back of her skirt. If she decides to wear white today will it become stained with red by the end of the day? Society has driven her to be so scared and ashamed of something so natural. Little girls are terrified when they see blood on their pants and between their legs. They don't know what is happening until they have an elder or a motherly figure to explain.

Men have a problem with women on their periods. They think it is disgraceful. They think that's what makes her a woman. Ask the same man if he is scared of seeing blood the first time he sleeps with a girl who is a virgin? Will he quiver? Will he cower? Will he say yes and hold back?

We both know the answer to that.

Then why is menstruating such a big deal? Why is a movie required to clean filthy minds? Why do girls have to feel shy when they buy sanitary napkins from the chemist and have it wrapped in paper where as a box of condoms is freely handed over?

So many unanswered questions. But one word seems fitting to all.


Men of petty thoughts, remember that whatever you can do, a woman can do - bleeding.

Akshay Kumar's film PADMAN is going to hit the Cinemas soon. I am absolutely sure that the latest trending video by Akshay and Aranya Johar on periods and the way people react to it is not a promotional strategy neither it is a publicity stunt in view of the movie. Akki is way above that. Akshay Kumar and slam poet Aranya Johar made a video together and discuss that people need to change the way they see and talk about periods.
It doesn't have to be a hush hush matter anymore.

Kuch chupane wali baat thodi hai? Log besharam kyu bolenge aagr tum unse kahogi ki tumhare periods chal rahe hai? Ya, tumhare pass pad khareedne ki paise nahi hai toh kyu paise dene se ya khareedne se inkaar karenge?

In school we addressed periods with code names. I never thought why that was necessary. Will I be shot for talking about it loudly?

I watched the video and the link is below, so are some lines that I really liked

"Facebook pe progressive ho, par asal soch toh kaali hai"
"Megha ko periods aaye hai. Uski schooling gayi bhaad mein"
"How many more girls will compromise on five days of schooling?"
"Women should bleed with dignity. Women should bleed fearlessly."

Har ladki ek bleeding rani hai

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