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The Questions People Fire At Couples Who Are In A Long Distance Relationship

Date: 2017-11-18 14:17:50

By erica

You know what's worse than missing the last piece of pizza?

Couples in a long distance relationship.

One of my closest friends is in a long distance relationship and she has battled questions every time she told someone the status of her love life. She has turned down guys faithfully, she has missed her love countless times, they fight like cats and dogs but the love they share is admirable.

Well, on top of all this, when you the general public launch cannon balls at people like her, you are only going to annoy them and make them want to bury you alive!

Save yourself from a curse from the love birds and stop asking absurd questions like these :

1. I think he is cheating on you. Pakka he isn't cheating on you?


I think you forgot you are not psychi.

Pakka tu psychic nahi hai?

2. Tum log manage kaise karte ho?


3. Trust issues bahut honge na. I understand


Do you though?

4. "Tumne aaj baat nahi ki. Did you guys fight?"


We don't have to talk every day.

5. Awww. . . . but aren't you bored?


Of listening to you? Yes, I'm bored.

6. "Arrey yaar, ek date pe jayegi toh kya hojayega? He won't even know"

I prefer being loyal.

7. Tumhare liye itne saare gifts. Anything special?


It doesn't have to be one special day. He knows I'm awesome.

8. "Oye, he uploaded a picture with a girl and Heart caption. Did you break up?"


He can post pictures with his mum, sisters and friends. An emoticon cannot break our level of trust..

9. "Sachhi wala pyaar hai? Are you sure?"


No, I'm just dating him for fun. Idiot!

10. What about the other stuff?


Um....I'd rather not tell you.

11. "Raat bhar phone pe haan? Naughty!"


Ew! Shut up. Please.

12. "Oh, so you are texting this new guy. Are you cheating on your boyfriend?"


And who are you? His hired detective?

13. "Toh shaadi pakka?"


I don't know. But if happens, you are not invited.

14. "Dude, his ex is in the same city. Aren't you worried?"


No. But you seem more worried than me. That's worrying me for sure.

15. "You must be feeling so lonely, right?"


Not really. He got me Netflix.

16. "Who do you hug after a long day?"


My food cabinet back home.

17. "Letters like the old times?"


Mera apna kabootar bhi hai. I hope it poops on you someday.

18. "How do you keep it exciting?"


We send each other funny snapchats.

19. "I thought he would surprise you for your birthday. How can he care so little?"


You don't even know him! Why do you care?

Conclusion : All these questions got me thinking. It's not as important to couple themselves as important it is to the ones with the long nose who go around poking it in other people's business whether they surprise each other on birthdays, send expensive gifts, video call all day.

They have normal conversations like any other couple living in the same city. You know, if I had a long distance relationship, I wouldn't beg for my phone to display his name all day long, for my mailbox to overflow with letters and packages from him, for a delivery person to continuously deliver surprise gifts, for surprise visits (okay, maybe one in two months). All I'd want is a text message now and then asking about my day, a phone call before going to bed and delivering food home when I'm sad. The intimate stuff can wait. Sometimes I believe these couples have their own version of 50 shades of grey completed in one day! They could give the other guys a run for their money. Just kidding!

But seriously, poor love birds have to put up with distance and crazy stupid questions from strangers and friends. Be kind
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