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9 Red Flags You're Dating Mr. Wrong

Date:2017-11-26 12:57:38

By erica

Congratulations if you have started dating someone. Now answer four questions for me. 
Are you happy? 
Do you miss him every minute? 
Do you doubt what you have all the time? 
Is there a slight possibility that he is not your ideal match?

Yes or no, doesn't matter. Did you answer these right off the bat or did you have to think? If you 'umm'ed your way through these questions, it's clear that you are unsure. It is okay to be. Fairytales and stories have given us this idea that the first guy we meet will be the guy we marry. Not necessarily.

You might be his fifth girlfriend and he might be your tenth boyfriend and you can still have a happily ever after.

Love is blind and so are women when they have huge crushes. After the massive break up comes the evaluation sheet where you realize the number o flaws he had and you managed to ignore. Women like these should be given awards. Don't you see how talented they are? They can just create such huge blocks. But what fi these blocks are blocking you from your ideal match? Have you thought about that?

I present to you 9 Red Flags, that indicate the man you are dating is certified : Mr. WRONG!

1. No care.


You got a new haircut or maybe you wore a dress he liked long back. He doesn't say anything about it. He doesn't even bat an eye when you ask for a compliment or his opinion. That's because he doesn't care, girl.

And if he doesn't care, maybe you shouldn't either.

2. What's today?


Dates are the only thing he fails to remember. He doesn't know it is your anniversary or the day he confessed his undying love for you. Stop and think. Yes, boys don't see why this is so important but if it matters to you, he should respect that and at least try to remember dates that have meaning to you both.

3.You hate cake? But you said you like sweet stuff!!


He has an excuse when you point out that he is wrong. When you start dating someone, you make a mental note of what brings a smile on their face as well as a frown. But if he doesn't see why you like butter in your Pav Bhaji but not butter on toast, he is clearly a wrong choice for you. The boy you date will want to know why you hate what you hate or at least, if you hate it, he will keep in mind that it something he should remember.

4. Sharing? Um... Not my thing


He knows everything about you. You reach a point where you run out of things to talk about. You flip pages in your mind looking for anything! But if you end up sipping juice while on a date, checking your phone more than a million times, end up talking about the weather? He is not only killing the conversation, it's clear he isn't interested in talking.

Your relationship should not end up being 20 questions with my boyfriend.

In a relationship both have to contribute equally and if he isn't ready to give away little sneak peeks into his life, then time to say bye bye.

5. He flirts. But not with you.


Girls love showing off their new love interest. At least most of them do. Isn't that the point? If you are dating someone you should be so proud to show them off, the others feel inferior.

Okay, maybe not that bad. But you get what I`m saying, right? But when ti comes to your guy, he poses single in front of every girl that looks his way. He flirts with your girl gang head on! He isn't even very subtle about it.

6. Not a gentleman then clearly not a man, sister!


He doesn't bother holding the door for you. He believes the game is more important than a dinner or your birthday. He doesn't call to check on you. His personality has all kinds of flaws you refuse to see because he has good looks, good looks, and good looks!

Wake up! He might have the face of an Abercrombie & Fitch model but he is no gentleman if he doesn't have a heart that cares for anyone other than himself.

7. Hello, I`m insecure and possessive.


Everything is a like a competition to him. If you discuss a male friend, he sees that guy as a competitor. He restricts you from staying out late. He doesn't like your friends but he doesn't want you being with them either. He decides what you post on social media and what you don't. He is the judge of your life.

Staying with a man with characteristics like these will only make life more of a hell for you.

8. Where is this going?


Just when you were ready to post a new picture with hash tags of love for your 'bae' you feel a punch in the gut. Realization hits. You've been doing all the talking, the sharing, caring, loving. All he does is show up and disrespect you.

You rave about him in front of family and friends where as he teases you and shares your most embarrassing moments with everybody. Even your neighbor knows what happened when you tried to be a bad girl one time for a change and how badly that ended.

9. Zoned.


This is the final straw. If he tells you it is okay to see other people while seeing each other, that's it. He might call it trying something different or being a unique couple. But are you even a couple? Coming to a mutual understanding is one thing, but agreeing to pretend to be single is a whole different kind of crazy.

He is basically bro-zoning you. You will be his side-chick. He doesn't want to let go of you because he knows you are his safety net. At the same time, he wants to try the other flavors in the freezer.

Conclusion : Now that you know the signs, listen to your heart and the Instagram comments on how cute you two look. Don't even worry about people judging you and thinking why you broke up so soon. To hell with the people who think you cannot maintain a relationship.


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