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These Different Versions Of A Girl Will Help You Understand Her In A More Better Way

Date: 2018-03-05 20:19:22

By Erica

Remember that famous dialogue, 'Women Are Complicated!'

Actually we aren't. We have different versions which the masculine gender can't understand and fail to cope with. Ladies, if you are tired of people asking you 'why so cranky? You were fine a minute ago!' share this article with them.

This one is different. In this one, I've captured the different versions of women. You might think they are expressions, like anger, love, compassion, pity. No. I'm calling them versions. According to me, when a woman gets angry you see a whole different version of her. She will either ignore whatever you say, talk way too sarcastically or just not say anything. I could go on and on.

1. The Happy Version

It's all about smiling and dancing around. Living in the moment. Rainbows and unicorns!

2. The 'Ugh! Why can't I be happy' version

When random people want to know why she is happy. What's the reason? Is the boyfriend? Is it because Justin and Selena are finally back together?

3. The 'hear my story!' version

Everyone's attention is mandatory right now.

4. "Fine. Don't listen then" version

Now face the silent treatment.

5. The 'don't talk. I'm pissed' version

The time bomb is ticking. You don't want to be close by when it goes off.

6. The angry goddess

Well, now this is your fault. You disturbed the lady, you probably pushed her buttons, got on her last nerve and now you have to suffer.

8. The 'Out of order' version

She doesn't want to leave the bed. No shower. No nothing.

9. The 'Compliment receiver ' version

No big deal. No big deal. No big deal. But my hair really is fabulous! Compliments are so accurate.

10. When things spiral out of hand version

The world is ending and I can feel it

11. When a best friend backstabs version

They have to pay.

12. When someone calls only for work version

Um, no way. Or maybe one last favor is not big deal?

13. The 'in love' version

14. The 'drunk' versions

Every woman is different. Some cry, some drunk call, some puke, some keep partying and some can't stand on their own two feet.

15. The spy version

She'll follow you like your shadow and you won't even realize it.

16. The detective version

She to her friend:"If he's been staying out late, that means he's cheating on you!"

17. The head chef version

She's all fired up to present the best dish!

18. The 'kuch bhi chalega' version

No heart to complain or demand

19. The 'I'm so done with boys' version

Because the world is full of sickos.

20. The 'Try to know if it fits' version

Basically, a flirt

21. The worst of all - 'When the Monthly Visitor comes' version

Cramps, mood swings, and the irritation! But not every time a woman gets angry, short-tempered and tells you to shut indicates she's on her period. So stop suggesting it, please.

7. 'Oh I Forgot' Version

The most common one which every girl faces. Like 'I forgot' the 7th point and I am writing below 21st point. :-P

What's your version that people see often? Share with us in the comments below!

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