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These 16 Annoying Things That Every Girl Have Gone Through

Date: 2017-12-27 17:35:53

By Erica

Girls have to go through a lot. Right from washing their hair almost every day to make it look amazing to non-sense stereotyping statements. We already get enough of load to deal with from society, but we have boiling points too.

Helping people understand why we get so irritated-I made a list of 15 things that annoy us girls the most.

1. Period cramps


The worst time of the month-certified. Even if someone says hi, all we feel like screaming, STFU!

2. When someone says, you are such a girl!


Really? And what exactly does that mean? Strong, confident, brave and feminine?

3.The tedious task of wiping off make up before going to bed


We come home after a tiring day, climb into bed and pull the sheets right up to our chin. Ding! Ding! We forgot to take off our make up. This is one of the most annoying things to do because not taking it off has its own side effects.

4.The torture of wearing heels the entire day


If you just said don't wear them! Let me tell you, we want to. That's why we buy them. We are ready to go through a helluva pain for that but when we take them off, it hurts.

One time I wore high heels the entire half day and then took them off for a bit. When I wore them again, it hurt like crazy!

5.Standing in line for the changing room


Girls wars. Literally. We know you want to try three outfits and then ask your mom to get some more but let me go in first then! On top of all this, we know you want to click zillion pictures to show your boyfriend.

Just buy the damn shirt and go ask him then, it's not like boys notice all that much anyway!

6.Bye bye stranger


Just because I`m standing alone, it does not mean I want your company. Strangers can stand far far away.

We love making new friends. A friendly 'Hi' is good enough. Don't go to the extent of making casual conversation.

7.When someone says :

Bus mein akeli aayi thi? Haw! It' s not safe


Unless we go, we won't know. So, let us explore.

8.Grow-up mein ladke bhi hai??


Yes! So what?

9. You're a girl and you didn't cry during that scene? But, you're our girl!


Yes, I am. Thanks for confirming that. But I am not a leaking water tank!

10.When someone says we click too many pictures


So? It's not like I`m begging you to like them.

11.An insecure boyfriend


Confess your love everyday but don't make your girlfriend prove it! Stop doubting and start trusting. An insecure boyfriend- a weak pillar -is the last kind of pillar she needs.

12.Parlor appointments pointed out


You  need to wax your hands
You  didn't shape your eyebrows
You  didn't file your nails. Go for a manicure?
ME: Sure! You can pay my bill!

13.Women can't drive

This and many other stereotypes need to be proven wrong.



Let me speak!

15.9 baje se pehle ghar aa jana

Sure, why not? And let the boys roam the streets till next morning?

16.Diet for life?


No, I am not a salad eater. I would live on your food too if I had too.

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