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16 Things Every Girl Does But Is Too Shy To Admit.

Date: 2018-02-19 14:55:20

By Erica

When you hang out with a group of people and they go on about a girl who repeated a shirt thrice in a week, you can't help but nod even though you know you are that girl! Right?

Sometimes you just cannot admit the things you do in public because it's not the fear of being judged or being called - "accha woh tu thi?"

It's not even shame or embarrassment. Okay, maybe it is. But in a girl's head it sounds something like this:

Inner voice: "Shit! Don't let them know you do that"
Me: "Par kyu?"
Inner me: "Chod Na. Jaan ke kya karenge? Gossip? Who toh aise bhi kar rahe hai"
Me: *Convinced*

See? Not ashamed. Just secretive about certain activities.
So, here goes the list of things almost every girl does but is too shy to admit:

1. Bargaining


Many people think all girls do it. that's not true. Secondly, when it is looked down upon in a group, are you seriously going to raise your hand and stand up for all those girls who raise their voice as loud as every Splitsvilla contestant when a cute skirt is sold for 500 and not 450?

No other option but to be dragged out.

2. Holding breath when taking a picture


For me, it comes naturally. it's nothing to be judgemental about. The camera adds ten pounds as it is!

3. Being breezy about compliments


But the inner me goes - Sha la la la!

4. Pretending to like gifts


I cannot tell someone they have terrible taste because they wouldn't buy me gifts then! But seriously, I've noticed guys be brutally honest about what they think and girls are much more subtle.

Won't they shout "ye kya ghatya sa surprise plan kiya hai? Fairy lights aur photos wall pe, bus?"

5. A photogenic memory about who wore what, when and where


Maybe not this brutal. To be honest we got good photogenic memory. It's like every time someone we know (or don't) wears something, our mind goes 'click!'.

6. "Did you guys plan this?"


Me: "Nooooooooo"

Imagine you and your best friend have a small gathering but soon it turns into this huge party! Obviously we do not want to look like we planned it but in case you didn't notice there is enough chips and coke for everyone?
It was a plan.
If you take a lovely candid picture of each other - most of the time - planned.

7. Me to my crush:"I had no idea you liked books"


I'm lying. I knew. We tend to do a background check which covers- family, friends, school, college, best friend, ex's if any, photos from 2005, interests.

8. Keep discussing weight loss then hurrying home to eat cheesecake.


9. A performance in front of the mirror every night.


10. Making a mental bill


If you stay away from home and plan to go out with friends you know what I'm talking about.

11. Wearing the same bra for more than 5 days


12. Yes, I take a lot of beautiful pictures.


When people say girls click too many selfies, we take that as an offense. But honestly speaking we do take a lot of pictures it's just that we do not approve of someone pointing that out as a crime.

13. Pretending not to know anything.


If anyone asks a girl about the toys used in 50 shades of Grey - we are all like: NO CLUE!

14. Washroom scenes


If it is a public washroom, this is probably how uncomfortable it is for us to do our job.

15. "Gaali de sakte hai. Dete nahi"


For everyone who thinks girls don't cuss. We do. Ask our best friends.

16. It is okay to do. Not okay to talk.


This one is serious. Girls cannot talk about buying condoms in public because it is not considered 'saintly'. This is one of the many things a woman has to do in hiding.

Do you have anything to contribute to this list?

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