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Beauty Tips From Those Golden Time With The Garnishing Of "Ghar Ke Nuskhe"

Date: 2018-02-01 18:01:53

By Erica

Till date my mom points out things I should be doing to my hair and face. I never thought of them as tips. I merely counted them as corrections and suggestions. She's given me pages and pages of tips and I`m going to share the best with you which you have surely heard from someone in your family. They've been doing it and I think it's time we did it too. I`m talking about following some beauty tips if anybody was confused with the pun that was not intended.

1. Wipe off the make up before you go to bed


Reason why? I`ll give you one, but you can find a list on google. It can lead to breakouts and dull your complexion.

2. Get that hair oiled and massaged


Not oiling your hair regularly can lead to dandruff and drying of the scalp.

3. Open up that umbrella


Don't feel shy to show others that you care about your skin. Wear a scarf, long sleeves when you go out and use an umbrella if you need to. It will do your skin good in the long run.

4. Homemade masks


Use your vegetables and fruits to get better skin

5. Face up!


It is advised not to sleep on your face. This will lead to wrinkling.

6. Use Vaseline!


It is a life saver. It heals your lips, cracks, moisturizes your skin even. It is a whole package!

7. Grow your beauty tip


And by this I mean grow the plants you can use. Like, an Aloe Vera plant.

8. Never forget to hydrate


Drinking water does a whole lot of good to your skin like driving out toxins from your body.

9. Eat those veggies


One time I stopped eating vegetables for a long time and patches showed on my cheeks. They were rough and my mother said I had to eat some greens if I wanted good skin. It worked for me.

10. Protect your skin


In summers wear sunscreen every time you leave the house. During winter, moisturize your skin. Coconut products are best.

11. Use that turmeric


Turmeric is very beneficial. With beauty, it helps fight acne, wrinkles, and dark spots.

12. Go for Multani mitti


Make your own face pack at home with Multani Mitti, hone, and rose water. It helps fight blackheads and pimples.

13. Neem is your solution


It not only does good to your face but also to your hair. Apply neem to get rid of acne and hair fall.

14. Bye bye Serum


use avocado oil to moisturize your scalp instead of hair serums.

15. Mix tulsi and coconut oil


This mix will help you cool your scalp, stop all the itching and sweatiness.

16. Break an egg!


Beat an egg with a teaspoon of olive oil, apply it on your hair and wash with cold water. Use a good shampoo and make sure your hair doesn't smell. Wash well and say goodbye to hair problems.

These DIY beauty tips you can do to save money by avoiding the salon, girls! Home remedies are basically tips and secrets passed on to us by our mom, nani, daadi, bua (aunty). So treasure them. They've got truth to their benefits.

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