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15 Types Of Girls You Will See At A New Year Party

Date: 2017-12-24 13:07:16

By Erica

I love parties. I honestly do. The music, the dress up game, the chance to click zillion pictures- I love it all. But have you ever stopped and noticed the different kind of girls present at a party? With the disco ball turning and bodies swaying I found 15 types of girls at a party and you could relate to one (or more) of them.

I wish I could make a quiz out of this. However, you could. After you read a type, ask yourself Do I DO This?if it is a yes, keep a score sheep at hand and the type under which there are the most yeses-Congratulations! you've found who you are at a party!

1. The shy one


She is the girl dragged here by her hot friend to 'socialize'. She will hesitate to stand by herself, get on the dance floor or even say hi to someone. She will be the one who nods her head right and left, refusing a drink, a snack and conversation until she , maybe, finds a quiet space and someone nice to talk to.

2. The fly-on-the-wall one


This party goer won't let you know she's even present. Later when you see random pictures, you might spot her hovering in the shadows. She'll have her fun without anybody witnessing her presence and exit. People at the end are like 'who?''

3. The Selfie addict


With her phone in her hand on camera mode, she'll be snapping selfies countless of times. She will take one with :

>the cake 
>the random people
>the fairy lights
>red party cups
>one by the door
>one with a someone who feels sick
>a drunk dancer 
>a sober dancer
>the host

Okay, this list will go on so I'm going put a full stop right here.

4. The let-me-snapchat- it-first one


There is a thin line of difference between the previous one and this one. What is it, you ask? Well, observe at a party, when the food is spread it and you are about to dig in because 'the host said so' and somebody screams "LET ME SNAPCHAT IT FIRST". Yup, that's your girl.

She wants to catch every moment. She won't let you eat, dance, sing, vomit, talk, fight without it going on her snapchat where she says, mind you, where she actually says the word HASHTAG PARTAAAAY!

5. The 'ghar jaldi jana hai' one


She has no flying fudges to give to anything happening. From the moment she leaves her house till the moment she leaves the party, she will be worried about getting home on time .If you ask her anything, this will be her answer :

"Yaar, where are you rushing off to? The party just got wild" "Ghar jaldi jana hai"

"Will you have a drink?" "Ghar jaldi jana hai"

"Do you wanna make out?" "Ghar jaldi jana hai"

  "Ghar chale?" 
       "Ghar jaldi jana hai" 

"Um...that's why we are leaving, idiot"

6. The drunk one


Calling alcohol 'liquid courage' and later leaning against the nearest person or sink is your number 6. She knows no limits. She will join in downing shots, playing drinking games and drunk talk to anybody who listens. She might be a pain to handle, but certainly fun to be around.

7. The 'Dj wale babu mera gaana bajado" one


Her song requests never end. She won't get on the dance floor until and unless it is on her of top favorites. Most of the time, it is quite possible her songs cannot be found and the least liked compared to the crowd.

8. The conscious one


" How do I look?" The entire party she won't stop asking people this question. She is constantly worried is too over dressed or too shabby for a party like this. Is the bra strap peeking out of her shirt? Is her shirt okay? Should she go home and change? It's see through?! PANIC ATTACK!!!

9. The nervous one


She is worried she might get tipsy. She thinks the cute guys are watching her even if they pretend not to. She is scared she might miss a call from her mom. She wonders what would happen if someone came up to talk to her and she farts? Wouldn't that be embarrassing? She is worried she might end up kissing the wrong guy or the right guy and not be good at it.

10. The come dance with me one


If you don't dance, something starts itching in her areas. She doesn't like watching you stand there , having a good time on your own and in your own way. She wants everybody to be shimming to the beat.

11. The overdressed one


The simpler the party, the more dressed up she will be. Either she will look horrid or like Taylor swift-slaying! No in between. The other girls hate her for showing off her best outfits every single time and out doing them. But, she is also the girl they all secretly admire.

12. The one with the guys


Are there girls at the party? Number 12 wouldn't know. She is too busy hanging with the boys. This is a two part kind. One : she acts like one of the boys. Two : She loves to bask in the way they fawn over her.

13. The silver spoons


So the Richie Richs will be present and bragging about how lame the party is because they serve Cheetos and not Nachos. Like ew!

14. The wild one


She'll bring the banging to the party!

15. The party pro


She is the perfect blend of all of them and some how that makes her the pro. She knows how to socialize, how to dress, she is a little self conscious but doesn't let that get in the way of showing off her wild side but not to everybody, her snap chat has just enough pictures and she doesn't really look down on everything but people know she has 'rich kid' air about her...even she doesn't have the last element, she's cool. She is the life of the party.

While scrolling through the list, which part girl did you match up with? Next time when you go to a party, trying being a different number and see what experiences that change has in store for you!

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