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15 Types Of Boyfriends That Exist In Relation To F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Date: 2018-02-19 16:10:25

By Erica

There are many fish in the sea, right ladies?

For all the singles out there and committed ones too, I got a list of types of boyfriends you might stumble upon. For singles, it's assistance to a better analysis of a guy and for the committed ones, it's a game where you can identify which one is your guy.

Fun, right?

To make it more interesting (and as a gift to the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans out there) the list goes hand in hand with the popular sitcom.

I've watched this show so many times. I could say the dialogues before the characters do. I realized that throughout the 10 seasons, five friends dated a number of people, each other, each other's siblings, ex's children. . . .phew! they could make a record of the most dates on a TV show.

1. Janice Wheeler - The extra-everything


Any 'Friends' fan would know who Janice is. If you think there can only be annoying girlfriends like Janice, then you have mistaken. Boys like these exist too.

This boyfriend is extra :
Extra everything!
They have the most irritating high pitched voice, a weird laugh and says things like 'babu' , 'shona'. On top of it all, they are disliked by your closest friends. Only problem?


2. Paolo - The flirt


In the Sitcom, Paolo is a guy Rachel bumps into in her apartment building looking for a cat. At the time she was beyond jealous of Julie, a girl who was dating Ross. Ross and Rachel had this whole history that kept viewers on the edge of their seat going will they? Won't they? The entire time.
Now Paolo is the type of boyfriend who is a:
Great Kisser
Amazing to flirt with
Good looking
He would call Rachel 'Rakel' and they never understood each other. Calm down. It was a language barrier, not a serious issue. But he is also the type of boyfriend that makes a move on your friends when you aren't around.

3. Fun Bobby - The life of the party


Fun Bobby is the boyfriend who brings life to the party. People wait to have him over. Sometimes you are invited only so that they can spend time with him. But the flaws that go unnoticed to you, are noticed by your friends.

Like it's noon and he has a tumbler in his hand while you are sipping coffee. If you ask him to quit, there goes the fun too. He will go from a fun Siddarth Malhotra to a shaant Aalok Nath. Yikes!

4. Alan - The one your friends love


This is the boyfriend who all your friends absolutely adoreeeeee. Guys even. They love him. They love him so much they make plans with him which you know nothing about. It's like sharing your world with your boyfriend and being outcasted.

This drove Monica to break up with Alan. Her friends were so upset. She had to ask them if they would be okay even though she was the one ending things. In the end, Alan says that he couldn't stand her friends at all.

Yes, boyfriends like these exist.
What would you do?

5. Joshua - The commitment-phobe


Joshua is the kind of guy who doesn't speak much but shows a great deal of interest in you without you even realizing it. He is scared of commitment because of the scars the past left on him. These types of boyfriends are into date you and love you but they don't see beyond the present.

6. Young Ethan - Too young to be your boyfriend


"One lie didn't make you a felon in 48 states!"

You know how you start dating someone, they seem perfect, funny, adorable, cute, caring and you just can't stop gushing about them. Suddenly one day he drops a bomb about his age and he is way younger than you!

Yup, the boyfriend who lies about his age. He might pass for 21 when actually he is 17. It is totally possible. At 12 these boys look like twigs and at 16 they've got muscles everywhere! Any woman could be fooled.

7. Duncan - The confused one


Some boyfriends are confused. Not whether to buy apples or bananas. But whether they are straight or not. Yup, that happens.

In Phoebe's case, Duncan married her to get citizenship and told her he was gay. When she met with him years later, Phoebe still had feelings for him but since he was gay she didn't bring it up. Then he breaks the news to her that he is in fact not gay and is in love with a girl.

*Heart shattered into million pieces*

8. Pete - Boyfriend but no feels.


The boyfriend who has it all except your love. He tries to woo you every day with his money, his charm but nothing works on you. He is goal focused. Once he sets his mind on something, he has got to have it.

The man Monica was dating at the time, Pete, was a millionaire and wanted to be the ultimate fighting champion. She couldn't see him get hurt and bandaged all the time to win a title. Something he wasn't good at.

She ended things.
Same situation. Same guy. And you. What's your take on this?

9. Roger - the boyfriend with an opinion.


Roger is a psychiatrist Phoebe starts to date. At first, he seems like a normal guy. Gradually he starts expressing his analytical opinion about her friends and the reason for their behavior. Owing to this, her friends take a dislike to him saying they 'hate that guy!'

When she breaks this to Roger, he takes it pretty well. Calling her group "dysfunctional".
This kind of boyfriends enjoys power over other's feelings not caring even a little about the effect it could have on them and their friendships with one another.

10. Richard Burke - The perfect boyfriend with a flaw.


Some girls find older guys sophisticated and appealing. More mature and serious. They ignore the age gap and everything. They want someone with a plan. Men like these are not that hard to find. But they scare easy too. Don't you think?

Here Richard is an ophthalmologist and 21 years older than his girlfriend Monica, also close friends with her parents. He and Monica have a lovely relationship but when it comes to future plans, he wants Monica in every plan but without something that she can't wait to have.

This kind of a boyfriend is a perfect boyfriend with one flaw: He will do what you want because you want it. Not because he wants it too.

11. David - The boyfriend ready to give


David represents a geeky boyfriend who is a scientist. He adores Phoebe and compliments her saying she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He is ready to give up a golden opportunity to go to Minsk because he wants to stay with Phoebe.

Now aren't boyfriends like these sweet? It might seem stupid later, but to think of the person you love before thinking about yourself is so sweet.

12. Parker - the over-enthusiastic one.


These boyfriends find joy in everything. Every little thing. Like, "wow! What a beautiful setup!"

"What an amazing party!"

They have a scroll of adjectives that just don't seem to end. Free compliments for everyone. It might seem nice and a unique quality at first. But it's not long till you say, "Yaar! Maaf karde. Bus hogaya".

13. Ross Geller - the on again, off again boyfriend


Ross and Rachel were the first favorite love stories to bloom on the show before Monica and Chandler. He is the guy that has been in love with you since high school. He must've dated a dozen other women but found his way back to you.

Rachel never paid attention to his crush on her but he still pined after her.

This boyfriend is as sweet as sugar and holds out hope that things will work out. No matter how many fallouts you have, you will be each other's lobster. Lobsters never let go!

14. Mike Hannigan - The one who is proud of you.


A boyfriend like Mike is one who wants everyone to love you and show you off. He is proud of you. He loves you despite your weirdness and craziness. He takes you home to meet the parents. He movies in with you because he wants to and knows it will make you happy.

15. Chandler - The one who is your best friend


Monica and Chandler are my favorite couple and goals!

Chandler is the boyfriend every girl dreams to have. He is funny and has a good job. He is his girlfriend's best friend first, then boyfriend. When they had a fight, he asked Monica what to do because he knew he will mess up many times and she could show him how to fix it. When left on his own to do the fixing, he proposed to her! He loved her that much, he couldn't bear the thought of losing her.

To make her happy he cleaned the entire apartment. When she was sick, he got sick with her too - not out of choice, but whatever. Still sweet.

He gave her the dream wedding she wanted. He stuck by her. He thought he wasn't as good as a man she was in love with before and always tried to be the best for her.

He was afraid of commitment and babies, but he did it all with her. He didn't feel scared anymore.

Every guy his flaws and plus points. The secret to finding the perfect man for yourself is to see the masterpiece he is. Not the cracks on the edges and the smudges here and there. He sees and knows them too and will polish them just for you.
So which boyfriend would you like to date?

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