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'First Salary' - Girls What Things Comes To Your Mind When These Two Words Are Said

Date: 2018-01-28 19:44:04

By Erica

Sometimes These Two Words Are Way More Darling Than Hearing Those Three Words 'I Love You' :-P

When we are in school, college, university, we dream of getting our first salary and the things we would do. When we start working, we wait eagerly for the end of the month. We long to see the bank balance increase. The moment the offer letter is handed and our acceptance is communicated, we hear bells ringing and the cash register go cha-ching!

Here are 12 things that come to my mind when we hear 'The First Salary'

1. Saving.

It's my first salary. I`m going to save it. I will save it for emergency or until it becomes a million in my bank account. I will not touch it!

2. Welcome to Adulthood!

Save it? I`m an adult! I have to make smarter decisions. How about, save half and spend half?

3. Let's shop till I drop.

I have to know what it feels like to spend without giving mom and dad a bill. I have to experience what it's like escaping from the Budget cage.

4. "Hello? It's the bookstore calling!"

Me: "Naah No More Books For Now!"

5. Road trip!!!!

The girls and I, We have to blow off some steam. I worked for a month on the planning. C'mon!

6. Candlelight dinner.

A date with bae or a date by myself. I don't care. I`m a confident working woman now.

7. Gifts for mummy, papa, bhai, behen, Kutta . . . everyone.

Christmas Comes Early For Everybody! Thanks But No Thanks

8. Girl's night out.

I have to raise a toast to myself.

9. A new haircut

Get a nice self-upgrade and flaunt it.

10. A holiday.

11. A concert

12. Hiking

Aj Kuch Toofani Karte Hai.

13. Pre - PAID shopping.

So, Maybe I spend because I know the money will come back.

14. Giving away to charity.

Me - Everytime I see a kind on the street.

15. It's over already?!!! Ah! Never mind...how many days until my salary swoops in again?

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