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15 Ways To Avoid Small Talk With Your Crush And Have A Win-win Situation With Him

Date: 2018-06-01 12:23:29

By Erica


Everyone crushes on someone. That's all well and good. But there is no point in standing on the sidelines and watching another girl flirt her way up the ladder.
Many people freak out when it comes to talking to their crush. It could be scary. I remember melting like butter with just one smile. A boy will focus on you if you are a great conversationalist. He will immediately be hooked.
It is tough to keep a conversation going for long, but it is not impossible.

There are 14 keys a girl needs to keep up a conversation with her crush and not experience any bumps.

Key 1:

Ask about his day
A boy doesn't have a lot to share, but once you get past the "hi" and "how are you?", this will seem appropriate. If he asks you about your day, do not go into detail. Remember that he does not want to hear your gossip about your friend Sheetal and pretty her dress was, or how fat Priya has become over the holidays.
Make sure you mention a little something that will interest him. But keep it short.


Key 2

Don't mention the parents:
Mentioning parents makes it awkward. Your conversation might go like this:
"Toh, uncle aunty Kaise hai?"
"They're good" *Silence*
What do you get to do asking about his parents well being anyway? You can ask him if you guys have been friends for a while.
A tip: Bring the parents up before a goodbye.


Key 3

Ask him what he likes to do on the weekend.
If he says reading or staying in, do not make a face. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it sucks. You could show a little more interest and ask him what kind of books he reads? Where does he often like to party?
This way, you get ideas for gifts (if you go on to date) and you can bump into at those parties.


Key 4

Compliment him.
Boys do not expect to be showered with compliments. But you think you fail at flirting, just throw in some compliments.
DO NOT: Compliment particular parts of his body. I told a guy once that the back view was pretty good, he walked off. I don't see why it's okay for girls and not guys, but better to be safe than sorry.
DO NOT: Tell him that pictures with his ex-were so cute. You thought they would last longer.
DO NOT: Talk about his hair and how less in volume it is. Then laugh. It is not funny.
What you can do is: Tell him he has a nice dressing sense.


Key 5

Do not make it a Q&A.
Talk about a funny story, like that time you made fun of a kid with a stranger who turned out to be his parent. Yikes! – Yes, that happened. It's the way you tell the story that makes the other person laugh.
Don't try too hard though.
For example: "Last night Yamini told Rebecca...ha..ha..ha..that..ha..ha..ha it was so funny. She used a snap chat filter and Rebecca said she actually looked like a dog" This is not funny. Sometimes what seemed funny yesterday, seems stupid today.


Key 6

"Did you watch Conjuring?"
If he says no, you might get an idea that he doesn't like horror movies so much. Plus, you can refrain from starting every question with What.
Movies are a good topic to talk about. You can go on and on. Even if you don't have similar tastes in a genre, you can have a silly debate about which is better. But don't get too defensive. You are not James Wan's hired lawyer.


Key 7

Do not ask him his favorite song an do not talk about EDM. Those are conversation killers. If you talk about songs by John Mayer and Arijit Singh, at least you can tell him which lyrics you liked. If it's EDM you'll have to make sounds with your mouth and risk spraying some spit on his face.



Key 8

If you burp, by mistake do not keep silent. You did not do anything wrong. And please, oh please, don't laugh. That will just make it more awkward because he hadn't realized you burped, he will ask you why you laughed and then you have to tell him why.


Key 9

Food is the secret to a yummy conversation.
Do not ask him what he ate today. Do not ask him what he likes to eat. Don't make every question sound like you are taking a survey. Ask him if he checked out this new restaurant in town. If he hasn't , tell him you want to and that you two could go together. If you have checked it out, tell him how good it is and promise him a treat. Spend a few bucks on your guy if you want him that bad, come on!


Key 10

If you've covered all this and you are exhausted from talking and feel the dreadful silence creeping towards you. Walk. If he doesn't feel like it, make him. Walk away from crowds and people. This way you get alone time. Keep silent for a minute or two but not too long where you both start to feel uncomfortable.


Key 11

Tell him random facts. Not that you poop twice a day only. Not those kinds of facts.
Tell him what you love. You love the sunset, you like dogs or that you like watching old couples act all cute.
Don't tell him that you love marriage or hate marriage. Don't start discussing future plans so soon.


Key 12

He's your crush. So obviously you did some background check on him right? If you didn't. Please do. It will help you keep the conversation going.
You could bring up a place he visited or a picture he posted not very long ago. Do not ask him about the picture from 2009 and who was the girl with him. Not the right time to switch Stalker mode on, girl.


Key 13

His friends.
It's safe to ask about his friends. If he has a best friend, ask him how they got to be so close and all. Don't ask too many questions though, it will seem like you are interested in his best friend.


Key 14

Listen when he speaks and remember to ask him something about that later. He will be impressed that you paid such close attention.


Key 15

Break away from the conversation and take it to the next step. Ask him for help with something or ask him out for ice cream or to grab a bite. If he turns you down, take it positively and say maybe next time. Be breezy.


So, next time you girls don't want the conversation to end try these tips and your crush won't feel like letting go of you! The key to a good conversation is talk and listen. Also, pay attention to body language. A conversation will work if both of you want it to. So, if the guy seems a little off or very distracted all the time, just let it go and make sure you don't feel too bad about it.


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