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14 Types Of Teacher We All Had When We Were In School

Date: 2017-12-28 18:01:02

By TabloidXO Writers

Just one of those days when you'll be passing down a street or while sitting in your couch, one of the memories that come up is of your school life. Even today when you meet your school friends, you make fun of that teacher who had targeted your gang!

Then that one whom you still respect, your nursery mam, your drawing sir and all those make up lil beads of blessings in your life in some or the other way. Let's reopen that album!

Goodmooooooorrrniiiiiinnnnnggggg Maaaaaaaam!

1.The Primary Class Teacher

They still count in the best of our school memories. The one who'd be so sweet to us and scold us at times and save us from pee in the pants embarrassments. They really filled in some colors into our childhood.

Bhumra maam... Kirti mam... mehra mam... ekta maam and that lot. Wonder how those years just passed!

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2. English Mam.

She was an absolute perfection. Not just she taught us the subject, actually has helped us a lot in other curriculum activities.

Man! I'm still in awe of her!


3.The Monitor Lover

There had to be a monitor or the one we called 'cheater box' and a teacher who just loved to get that list of names from them!

Remember all those lists they maintained? The red list, the black list and what not!

Raise your hands if you have flagged your name to those lists! Hurrayy!!

4.The One We All Hated

These teacher never miss a single opportunity to annoy us with their senseless points and absurd punishments!

But I am sure you did love to stand outside the class when she/he was teaching.

God! that classroom was a next to hell!

5.The Best Personality


The Mister/Miss Perfect!

The way they talked, the way they walked and their crisped ironed dress every single day was just the perfect personality we looked up to and hoping to be that smart in the future!

Are we even close to them right now?

6.The Too Strict One

I'm not saying they were the worst ones but sure they weren't among the favorites! They were like some of those law-abiding citizens who wouldn't go an inch beside their principles.

Saari roads ki red light to yeh hi follow karte hai

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7.The Pretentiously Friendly One

Yeah and just when these species got jealous of all those teachers bagging away all the attention of the students, there they poked in their nose with a pretentious fun part!

Their face was to be seen when principal was on a round!

What happened sir?? Sweating sweating??


8.The Gorgeous Mam

Yeah, they have been rocking our world since our childhood! The one pretty face we desired to see everyday teaching us!

"Out First Crush" Right?

And sweetness came complimentary with them or let's say we just happened to find it!



9.The Feeder to Our Jokes

They were full package! Like not a single thing would they leave to be made fun of theirs! Their baggy pants, those hanging shirts, their weird sense of talking! Oh gross!

They sure did take the medal for being mentioned with the funniest names!

Just For Fun Maam

10.The Principal's Right Hand

'Yes mam'/ 'Yes sir' was those two magical words they had learnt to speak in 53 different ways! Whatever the principal asks, they couldn't leave a single opportunity to do it!

We really had to stay careful from that one!


11.The Tuition Sir

Accept it or not but they did leak at least some of the questions before the tests. And they had their own tricky way of doing that!


Boy! That was a goddamn treasure when we decoded his signals!


12.The Motherly Mam

This one would be the same to us as she is to her child!

Taught us, cared for us, got annoyed, scolded us and then got all emotional and then we'd all be like

"sooooorrryyyyy maaaaaaaam!"

13.The Young Sir

He was the one we felt comfortable to bitch about the other teachers and the principal not in the absolute direct ways but he did share some mutual feelings!

He knew all the nicknames of the teachers and he had seen us mimicking them as well!

Tum log to mujhe bhi fasaoge ek din



14.The Marks Chopper

No. Not again in the good books.
These ones were the most dangerous. They used to be sweet and polite to you but when it came to evaluation they behaved as if they were giving away their salary!

And if you dared to go get a lil raise, they find 20 more mistakes and then say,

"You don't even deserve this much!"

But whatsoever we may say, that was a precious time and we do miss those days. Planning for the teacher's day and then being in their good books used to be a medal of achievement for us!
They still have a great role in shaping you into what you are today!
Thank You To All The Teachers!! Grand Salute.

Are You Still in Touch With Them?

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