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'Yar Tu Bhi Dhoondle Apne Liye' And In Response, Your Single Friend Dialogue Is As Lit As Your Question

Date: 2018-02-13 15:13:57

By Erica

"Yar Tu Bhi Dhoondle Apne Liye Koi.."

Singles have a world of their own. In that world, they kill love bugs and bug people who are in love. Try to get them to find a match and they have all sorts of excuses, answers and history to share! Often I think, people get into relationships and then regret it when they see their single friend having the time of their life. Yes, not every day. Or yes, maybe every day.

Presenting a list of the most funniest things Single's say:

1. "Mai toofan hu. Mujhe koi nahi sambhal sakta"



2. "Nobody can tame this wild girl


Because I am just too good for every guy

3."Ladki aayegi, bolegi cigarette mat piyo, sharab chodo. Rehne do bhai. Single hi theek hu"


Dukh mein ye do cheez hi toh kaam aate hai. Not really though. Both are injurious to health.

4."Itna kharcha hamse na hopayega"


Yahan pani puri pe jeete hai aur uske demands Louis Vuitton nikle toh?

5."Ek ke sath rahungi toh dusron ka dil tooth jayega"


I care about the well being of all.

6. It's just too big a responsibility


I can't handle my own happiness and I'll have to keep her happy all the time. No way.

7. "Yaar look at me. I'm like an uncivilized man from the stone age"


Roz-Roz girlfriend ke chakkar mein shower kaun karega bhai?

8."Phir dating apps use kaun karega?"


I'm just helping their business.

9. "Parents won't allow me to have a boyfriend


"Sanskar Aur Parampara"

10. "I don't need a man"


I'm my favorite . Remember Kareena Kapoor dialogue? "Mein Apni Favourite hu"

11. Who will I cuddle? Dude, kabhi teddy bear khareeda hai?


Those things are amazingly cuddly

12. "Dinner dates? Me, my bed and hello game night


I have so many series to catch up on too. I think I'll grow old and there'll still be a whole lot more to watch.

13. I'm not a boy lover. I'm a dog lover


and my dog means the world to me.

14. "Actually, I'm building an army to revolt against the idea of love. Bacch ke rehna"


You might be my friends, but you are also in relationships. That makes you a target. I need to kill that cupid so that he stops shooting arrows of love all around me. Ugh!

Did I miss a dialogue you've heard slip from the mouth of a single? Tell us in the comments below!

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