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13 Symptoms Which Shows You Hated Mathematics In School And All Through Your Life

Date: 2018-01-21 03:38:03

By Danish Jaffery

"MATHS- Meri Aatma Tumhe Hamesha Sataygi!" Aur sach mein sataati hai maanlo.

*I flunk in each semester of my Graduation* or may be in my Masters too(hiding my face), bas marks mat puchna ab.
And to whom I should thank? Yes Maths.

Said by a wise old man, this abbreviation still haunts me in the middle of the night, at tables of restaurants, at shopping bill counters, class, younger cousins, amidst relatives, while travelling, while paying monthly bills and where not!

"Aur abhi bhi papa mujhse calculations karwate hai business ki"

And you know there are categories of hate, like since childhood one, or in 11th standard one, or the Why I joined engineering one but when you talk of level, its all the way same! *Ultra- Boss*

These Following Symptoms Will Prove So!

1. You won't dare rise up to calculate

Be it the picnic plans, the shopping bill total or budget assumptions, you stay way clear of it!

Bhai karlo jo hisaab hai mujhe bata dena"
Like why would you jump in to make a fool of yourself!

2. Electives- No Mathematics!

If you have ever been the most careful, it was when you had to choose the elective paper. For a hundred times you'd make sure the subject you choose doesn't involve Mathematics!
And why? Why would someone go to that hell hole again!

"Aaa Bael Mujhe Maar" NO..NO..NO..

3. You pretend well to understand

Yeah, now here you are as good as any geeky mathematics guy sitting next to you. Just the class you had no option but to sit in the first row, you'd go nuts, nodding on every time the teacher asks, "understood?"

Meanwhile inner you- "suraj hua madham....chand jalne laga..."

4. School days, not so good

Yeah, not the best part when the results came!
Why does it have to end up on Mathematics? I mean, God knew how every time by breath was stuck in for the marks of this subject only and every time, disappointments incurred upon! *I already told you my backs.*

I'm gonna go die!

5. Math teacher- Always the villain

Just as needless to say as sun rises in the east!
I mean, I don't know how that specie evolved, like what did they eat? Numbers?
And their tantrums in the class. They just knew I hated it and they took advantage of it! It was HARASSMENT I DECLARE!

"Chalo beta aao board pe ye solve karo, jaise mein to Einstein hu"

6. Bill splits- Stay away zone!

Nooooo... Just be a gentleman or a sweet girl and pay off what they say! You dare not jump in to split the amount or even verify.

"A thousand? Here it is"
"A thousand and gold? Here it is"
"A thousand, gold and my life? Here it is"

7. Theory- yes, Numerical- No

Gonna go for an exam?

Step 1- Lookout for the modules with no or less numerical problems.
Ste 2- Don't even look at the ones which involve numerical problems.
Step 3- Say it a loud "Zor Se Bolo Jai Mata Di!"
Step 4- Go for it!

8. Math tuitions!

Just when it can't get any worse your parents got you admitted to that mathematics tuition which would only make, double the efforts, double the failure, double the HATE! :-p

"Kya Faaida Itne Paise Tuition Pe Lagaane Ka Jab Result Hume Pehle Hi Pata Hota Tha"

9. Theories, Corollaries- What? Why?

All I need to say, wasn't the world all going fine before they became this pathetic and invested their time in formulating those theories and corollaries and corollaries after that. Why didn't someone tell them

"Dude, Get a life!"

10. Calculators- The savior

And in that dessert when you were striving to live and gasp for every single breath, someone just dropped in a calculator!

Your Hatim in your tough times!
But sometimes "Calculator ka bhi kya faida jab steps hi nai pata."

11. And when did these alphabets came in!

If only I were allowed one murder I'd end up killing the one who brought alphabets into mathematics.
Sometimes it goes like numbers visit occasionally and rest there are all combination of letters that you don't get and they don't even form meaningful sentences!

" kya mila bhai ye kar ke"

12. Date No Techie!

Imagine! Just imagine a date when he/she suddenly brings up numbers.... Your tooth starts shivering, you sweat and go red and that's where you're declared weird, dumb and REJECTED.
So better not see this nightmare and reject this proposal before it even occurs. Coz, God! you know what you'll portray yourself as!

13. Dumbo? Yeah. Happy!

And when it all doesn't work, get in your oversized hoodie, make a dumbo face in the mirror and shout it out aloud! "I am dumbo and it's cute and I like it"
And that's how it's done!

14. Yes it was 13 but there are so many reasons i can's control myself :-p
You Stay Away From Those Cousin's Who Always Checks Your Mathematics Side Of Your Brain.

Question: Ha Bhai/Behen Bata -6 -4 kitna hota hai?

Answer: -2??

So, the next time it comes hovering around, be calm, take a deep breath, leave it to the fate and tell yourself pretty clear,
"Do hell with the numbers! I'm gonna get a coffee, sit in my couch and spend the rest of my life peacefully."
Mathematics from the background- *laughs* "As if that's gonna happen!"
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