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13 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Tying The Knot

Date:2017-11-26 12:57:38

By erica

In India, people think it's taboo not be married by the ripe age of 26. 27 makes them go haww! and if you are 30 and still unmarried you will successfully earn the hai rabba!

A girl has a number of thoughts when she is about to get married. Childhood sweetheart or an arranged marriage will make you ask yourself the same questions. Before you say the vos, walk around the fire 7 times or take your lover as your lawfully wedded husband, don't be afraid to ask yourself these questions :

1. Have I lived?


It is necessary to make memories of your own. Keep an album of you and only you in the pictures. If every holiday, trip, event or visit you made included your boyfriend-that's good but doesn't it feel like you've lived your honeymoon? Did you go anywhere on your own? Did you explored places and take a risk to go to a city all by yourself?

2. Am I dependent?


Tomorrow if you are left on your own, can you survive? Are you the kind of person to live lavishly on someone else's earnings? Are you truly happy doing that?

3. Can I handle one more mother?


This is the reason I use as an excuse not to get married. Ever. Meri mummy sabse best!

My mom says it is wrong to think and feel this way. You cannot change tradition where a girl leaves her parents behind and moves on to live with a new family. But are you ready for that kind of responsibility?

4. Have all the skirts in my closet been to the city?


Did you enjoy your singlehood partying, gaming, clubbing, hiking, diving? The skin fit dress you bought from Forever 21 or the boots you bought on sale with the sole purpose of wearing it when you went clubbing never saw the light of day!

5. Is that all?


When you were in school you wanted to be an artist. Today you are a doctor, a lecturer, an engineer, a CEO but not an artist.

Did you give your passion a chance? Do you want to study one more subject before you devote your time to your married life?

Fulfill your unfulfilled aspirations

6. Will mummy & papa be okay?


Why not this question? Will the two people, who brought you up and taught you essential lessons of life, be okay once you are settled happily? Can they manage things on their own? If not, shouldn't you be planning how they will go about without you?

7. Is the kitchen still a war zone to me?


Do you strongly feel the kitchen and you can never work things out? Do you think gas stove v/s you will never change?

"Maggi for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Actually chai bhi banai aati hai" - won't work. You have to know how to cook basic dishes. You are about to start a family of your own. It is important you know your way around the kitchen.

8. Am I ready to permanently live with a boy?


It sounds like fun. It might be exotic!

Well, it's not like you are going to Goa for a three day vacation! You will be married to this man for a long time. Are you ready to leave your favorite dressing table behind to make space for a closet for two?

9. Did I strike things off my bucket list?


A bucket list is a list you make of things you want to do before you die. I'm not saying marriage equals death. But doesn't it restrain you from doing things? It could be horrid in-laws (*cough* stereotyping). Honestly, your whole schedule goes from NETFLIX & CHILL to CHAOS. By the end of the day you will be exhausted. You could be a home-maker or work after marriage, your time will be consumed by 'building a new family life'.

So, get that bucket list out and make sure at least half the items are crossed. If your future husband promised to do the other half with you-well and good. But don't make this another couple activity.

10. Am I emotionally ready?

If you thought you were on a roller coaster of emotions, then marriage is a giant wheel! You cannot lose your cool on little things. You cannot expect others to understand you all the time.

Are you ready to take on double the responsibility than you already have?

It sounds scary, sure. But if you are confident you can do it all.

11. Will I be a good mother?


You aren't even thinking about kids. Dogs, maybe? But at some point in time you will reach crossroads and you will have to make a choice. It is okay to ask this questions. With all your nervousness of getting a new last name and being called Mrs. Consider this question, but don't fret too much about it. When the time comes, you can worry about your little clones.

12. Am I willing to make it last?


There will be arguments, misunderstandings, assumptions. It will be a journey on Indian roads-rough and though and make you feel like you are riding on horseback and not in a car. The question is after all this are you still willing to get through it and continue steering further on knowing that they could be a repeat telecast of this all?

Are you willing to be put to the test? Are you willing to not let go just because the first drive brought your heart up to your mouth?

If you the answer is yes, don't think about it again.

13. Am I ready?


Of course you can run away from the shaadi ka mandap any time-haven't you seen movies? People run all the time. I'm surprised it's not a trend. I don't even get why people pretend to be shocked. I mean, her feelings vanished, time for her to vanish too. Simple.

Don't keep a constant check on whether you are still in love or not. But it would be nice to be sure you are in and ready for a long time commitment.

Conclusion: With marriage on your mind, it's normal to have the jitters. It's okay to ask yourself all these questions. Don't go paranoid thinking too much. If you think it is meant to be and you will be happy, go ahead and marry the man of your dreams.
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