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Nameste Madam!! Aur Batao Madam? These Types Of Employees We All See At A Mall.

Date: 2018-02-06 23:52:02

By Erica

I dread entering malls and stores where employees stand in corners, in every aisle watching like a hawk. You can just imagine dialogue bubbles above their head that say - "New Prey Alert!"

Of course, you must have been to one mall in life if not many or stores like InMark and Unlimited. So, have you come across these kinds of employees whenever you went out?

1. The 'namaste' employee


This employee has one duty. Stand by the door and say'namaste'. The enthusiasm and dedication in his voice will make you wonder if his life depends on the way he greets customers.

2. The 'Yes ma'am' employee


This employee will ask you one question all the time - "yes ma'am?" whether you walk from the bags section to the kids clothing, the question doesn't change.

3. The 'one second ma'am' employee


You : "Bhaiyya, blue ripped jeans hai?"
He : "One second Ma'am" - he goes to ask the employee standing closest.
You : "Excuse me, do you have tote bags?"
She : "One second ma'am, I`ll check"

4. The catalog employee


This employee knows everything. Right from the latest stock to the price of any item. They are the mall's human catalog. They will inform you about everything single item you lay eyes or if you are confused, he/she will assume what you are looking for and dive into explaining about that product, the offers and vouchers.

5. The 'judging you' employee


Whenever you pick an outfit or item from the rack, the employee will pick something and say that her choice looks much better. She won't let you buy what you want, instead she will insist that you buy what she picked out.

6. The 'aur bataao' employee


They aren't the most annoying if not the most inquisitive kind of employees. They ask you questions after questions.

"Kya chahiye ma'am?"

"Party hai ma'am?"

"Aap kaam karte ho?"

"Toh mummy ki behen ki beti ki saass ki papa ka janam din hai?"

By the end of your stroll around the store, she knows your entire family tree.

7. The 'I recognize you' employee


You walk into a store, on a perfectly sunny day and freeze. There you recognize so many employees that you want to turn around and run but you can't. Why to be so nervous around them? Because when someone you know if an employee assisting you with your purchase, you can't bargain, crib nor look at the price tag for too long.

8. The 'I don't give a F***' employee


Anything you ask for , they'll look at you like you asked for his eyeballs. He's the one who hangs his head and pick's the dirtoff his nails because that's how much he cares about your existence.

9. The 'eye roll' obsessed employee


The employee is naturally dramatic. The eyes keep rolling when you ask a question, suggestion and when you make the purchase.

10. The absent employee


Every time you go to the store, the employee handling the counter is absent or missing.

11. The 'my life sucks' employee


He will dive into his life story for free. You ask him how he's doing and he'll go, "ah, life is a bitch, but there's nothing much I can do about it. Ha, ha, ha."

12. The 'not available ma'am' employee


Jo bhi mango, woh bolega - NOT AVAILABLE. He/she won't even make an effort to look for it. you finally resolve to storming out the store and looking somewhere else.

Toh agar aap kabhi koi mall jaate ho, observe the employees and see if you find a new type we can add to this list!

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