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Kya Karu? Ye Karu..paka? These 12 Things We Girls Can Do To Pamper Ourselves

Date: 2018-03-31 15:18:26

By Erica

Dear girls, sometimes we have mood swings, bad hair days, nothing-to-wear frustration days, he-won't-answer-my-calls days, happy days and worst of all that-time-of-the-month days. At times like these, we need somebody to be our fairy godmother and wave the wand making every wish come true. Since our fairy Godmoms are probably in search of someone to do the same for them, how about treating ourselves so well and being our own fairy? Sounds crazy? Really isn't.

Treat yourself like a princess every single time you think the world is going to hell and you are driving that bus. You deserve it. I got a list of 12 things you could do and if I've missed out on any, leave a comment.

1. Food is bae

Food makes everything better. Order a king size meal and eat to your heart's content. If that doesn't make you feel better, move on to the next.


2. A movie

Call up your squad and go watch any film running in the nearest cinema. You could go stag as well. That way you won't have to share popcorn and nachos with anyone else or how about Netflix and chill?


3. Pick a class

Never liked art? Try it.
Never thought you are good enough at photography or calligraphy? Go for it!


4. Ah! Spa day

As fancy as this may sound (and expensive) find one that is pocket-friendly because a spa day will help you relax and feel like a queen in no time.


5. Take a bubble bath

Get in that tub, pour yourself a glass of wine (or juice if you don't have the wine) do it movie style and enjoy a lovely bubble bath. If you do not have a tub, get a bottle of liquid and blow some bubbles in your yard. Either will make you smile.


6. Out with the old. Get bold

Be bold and get a new hairstyle. How about some highlights or streaks? A little change won't hurt. Plus, you could total try out a style you always wanted to do since middle school!


7. Shopping

The list would be incomplete without this one. Shopping is therapy for many women. For those who aren't fond of it, how about window shopping? Lay on your couch, and scroll through websites. You could suggest some nice items to your friends.


8. Um . . . chocolate

From Lindt to Ferrero Rocher to dairy milk to candyman- pop chocolates and sweets in your mouth all day long. Might not be healthy, sure, but it will lift your spirits higher.


9. Remember that piece of lingerie you saw online?

Get it, wear it, and feel good about yourself. wearing lacy, expensive innerwear always puts you in a better mood.


10. Get some flowers

Forget that flowers remind you of funerals. Go out and get some carnations or roses. Place them in a vase and then click a pretty picture and post it online. Or you could just keep them in the vase and let them be.


11. Learn how to go about with make-up

All those tutorials on YouTube are calling your name. Grab whatever makeup you go, sit yourself down and learn something new. It will go a long way, we both know that.


12. Go clubbing

The nightlife awaits you, my lady! Go out, get drunk, have fun in your most alluring outfit. Those shiny little crop tops were never made for the closet anyway.

If all fails, there's always a good book, coffee and a nap you could go for.

So girls go out and spoil yourself for a day or two. But don't make it a daily routine because that would get boring and you will be broke by end of every month.

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