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12 Annoying Things A Sister Does Which Will Make You Feel Like Punching Her :-P

Date: 2018-01-29 17:00:52

By Erica

I have an elder sister and I love her. But there are things sisters do, that annoy the other sibling. I can just imagine how frustrated she gets when I do certain things. I know all sisters aren't same around the world, but the annoying factor - this, each sister is born with. It's like a gift in the womb from mommy herself.
I bet you already have a mental list to compare with mine. So let's waste no more time -

1. She reminds you that you are the adopted one


So, what if you actually are? She loves you, of course. But this is running joke in the family, isn't it?

"Tumhe toh sadak se uthaya tha, ha, ha,ha".

2. She won't let you touch her clothes


No touching. Only seeing.

3. She'll make sure she shoots down that ego and attitude

Mirror says - stud
girls online say - hottie
Sister says - "budda hogaya mera bhai, chali gayi jawani"

4. She accepts bribes


Remember that time you had to pay her to seal her lips because she caught you saying 'I LOVE YOU' to someone on the other side of the line?

5. She blurts out your most embarrassing moments


Like the time you slipped in the bathroom while dancing? When you waved at your crush but he was waving at someone behind you?

6. She shows love and affection


Of course, there is nothing wrong with this but when she has oil in her hair and her breath stinks of onions that's when she chooses to shower love on you

7. She hides all your favorite stuff


When she's bored, she hides your favorite book, headphones, USB - the one and only thing that's too tiny to find.

8. She asks the worst questions in your parents presence


There's nothing more embarrassing than a sister asking her elder sibling - "what are they used for?" after a condom ad ends.

9. She doesn't shush!


You tell her to whisper but she does the complete opposite, yelling out secrets and jokes

10. When you go gift shopping, you have to get her something


If you don't, be prepared for the emotional attyachar. "Pyaar dikh gaya aaj".

11. She is the disturbance to every call you make


Sisters can't keep quiet when you are on the phone. She'll sing, she'll scream, she'll tickle you and then run as quick as lightning when you go after her. One time my sister was recording a tape for a dance competition and I kept shouting random things. Every single time she had to record it all over again and at that time it meant, playing the song on the tape recorder in the back of the room and the computer on the other end. After she was done, she was going to burn it on a CD. Man! I feel terrible now,

12. She doesn't let you go anywhere alone


If you say no, she's got mom and dad for backup. This one time, I accompanied my sister for ice cream with her friends and I was a bit sick, yet I insisted to go with her, against her will. We waited way too long for her friends, didn't eat ice cream and returned home. Mom was furious. Again, I feel bad. Okay, realization just hit. Maybe I am a problem child.

Sisters are packets of trouble but they also engulf you in love and care. Sisters have a way of showing their love - annoyance. As much as older siblings hate having a younger one to look after and be a second parent and setting a good example, I guarantee that nobody regrets it.

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