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10 Signs which shows that he likes you as a friend, and nothing more

Date: 2018-01-02 14:48:09

By TabloidXO Writers


I m sure we all have friends who have been friend zoned. Maybe, it's you. The feeling isn't a welcoming one, but many times we don't even realize that. We might expect a lot in relationships, but the other person need not reciprocate. Girls, you deserve to know whether the guy you like, likes you back. Sometimes, he may view you only as a friend.

Here are some signs which show that he likes you only as a friend and nothing more.

1. You usually meet him in groups and rarely alone. You might have tried to spend some time with him and only him, but he seems to drift away. It might happen rarely, but he's always busy. That means you are not his priority.


2.He seeks your help to impress other girls. This can be painful if you have feelings for him. This also means that he is not interested in you that way and sees you as just a friend.


3.You have been working on this relationship for a long time and there are no particular results. It also means that you are more involved in it than him. That's not a safe place to be as two people have to equally contribute to a relationship to work.


4.He openly discusses his crushes and tastes with you. This means that you are out of that particular section he actually falls for.


5.He tries to set you up with his other friends. He might want you to settle, especially if he finds out that you have feelings for him.


6.He complains a lot. He might share a lot about his life. There, you are just being his cry diary. You thus become someone he relies on when he's upset and forgets when he's elated. That's literally friend zoned.

7. He calls you 'sis' or says that you are like a sister. He tosses this in occasionally to show where you stand.


8.He compliments your awesome personality and nothing else. He never compliments about your looks and as a consolation speak volumes about the uniqueness of your character. This means he is not attracted to you.

9.You always have to make the first move. You are mostly the one who starts a conversation. You support him in all ways possible and he doesn't see that or take you for granted.

10.He introduces you to others as just a friend. He hates being teased about hanging out with you. He reacts rather harshly when somebody does that.

In the end what I can say is "You shouldn't feel bad about it as not all see our real worth. Maybe, he's not the right person for you. You should always be able to move on in life."

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