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10 Reasons Why We Choose Not To Watch Television With Parents.

Date: 2018-01-27 16:10:01

By Erica

We've all been in that awkward situation where we wish we hadn't asked our parents to join us for some t.v. time!
We got a list of 10 reasons why we generally prefer not to watch t.v. with our parents.

Here we go:

1. Woh rone dhone wale serials


Any daily soap lovers out there? I love commenting on every single episode right till the end and it drives my family crazy. Some with laughter, most with annoyance.

2. That look when a kissing scene pops up


Agreeably, sensual scenes are the last thing we want to see on t.v. with family around. They look at you like you are on tv. Mom usually has that look in her eyes which says, I hope you aren't doing this stuff

3. They don't get the double meaning jokes at times


Dad : "beta, kyu hass raha hai? Line miss kar diya maine" Awkward pause and then you make up a story that you didn't get the joke either

4. They snoring half way through


And I'm sitting there like, "Come on mom! You are my Saturday plan. Let's binge watch films".

5. Almost every movie has the bedroom scenes



6. It is safer to watch the old movies


But they go on, and on, and on. . . .

7. If they don't like your choice, they will never trust your choice in anything


Think of it like this: If your choice in movies such, they will never trust your choices in men, holiday spots and career. Yes, those parents exist

8. If they don't like your favorite movie . . .


You start seeing there is nothing great about it too and that feeling is such a bummer.

9. Choosing a movie is so hard


Mom doesn't like horror movies, dad loves crime stories, someone doesn't find comedy movies funny at all, nobody wants to watch a movie which is sad. Erotic movies are practically begging you to be chosen.

10. You settle on the one you watched the last time


Trying something new is dicey. Sticking to the old is boring. But at least, they'll love it.

Do you have any movie experiences and memories with your parents? Share in the comments!

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