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Memories Of Our Parent Teacher Meeting *The Haunting Saturday*

Date: 2018-01-17 19:22:07

By Danish Jaffery

"That Haunting Saturday"

In a time, where there were no breakups and no job dissatisfaction, there still was something, that got us biting our nails and that has put us through worse!

Parent teacher meetings were the worst of my school nightmares because

that used to be the day when the box of Pandora got unveiled! All my kali kartoot came out glittering and beaming in pride as added one after the other by the teacher and then was seconded by my Dad!

We all could relate to that dreadful time as we put pen down a few...

1.When all the while, you've been saying it went good!

Let's do the Math. If you had already said that exams didn't go well, then the masti time after the exams also gets deduced. And when the results came, it just grew much worse. So it's better you say exams went well, grab all the fun after it and then get the gaali doze all at once when the results come.

But it's the final day! The Day of Judgment! The day of punishment! God save ya!

2.Your wish at stake!

If you secure 90% I'll get you that video game!
And such were the promises, all kept at stake, making that day even more intense!

3.And yet all frenzy over the days!

Every time when they ask you, Result kesa hoga is baar? And your balls jump in to a lymph in your throat!

You- "It'd be good"
Inner you - Bhagwan hi bacha sakte hai

4.The journey from your home to the school!

When with every second your heartbeats thumped louder and louder, when all you could imagine is that report card and the numbers written on it. And what if the teacher told about that kand that I did!

5.Man O' Man that card

Seven clouds hailed and thunderbolts struck when the teacher handed over the card to my parents!

With the perfect Ekta Kapoor's Serials (Dhish Dhish Dhish - focussing on the face three times) the scene got dramatic and another triplets of Dhish Dhish Dhish when Sharma ji got his son's report card!

6.And so the fury begins!

To commence with, I'd like to honor the most gracious, the righteous, the noble and the praise worthy with an utmost derogatory remark and the superlative form of verbal abuse with 'kya isi din k liye paida kiya tha tumhe' and the look on my face!

Why are there so many red marks on this piece of paper!

7.Neither better with no red marks!

And if ever they were satisfied, then kid there's where they had invented that dialogue for,

"Ye toofaan se pehle ki shanti hai!"

If it's 75 then why not 85, if it's 85, then why not 90, if it's just 90, then why not more, if its 99, then could have been better if 100. God knows what'd come after that!

8.And the journey back to home!

And just when it couldn't grow any more intense, heat poured in from nowhere! That rear view mirror that showed your dad's eyes just became the worst monster in the world, waiting to come and turn you into shreds!

9.Lectures Part-1

Home Sweet Home!

And as the sweet chimes declared your arrival, they weren't sweet anymore! That was a time when you are back to school and that same routine starts, teachers also starts scolding about the grades(gharwale kum the jo teacher bhi shuru hojati thi :-p)

That Classes, test, classes, test and this time you have to get good grades to prevent yourself from scolding.

10.The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

And the days that followed brought in famine and floods mocking over your existence, everyday! Everyday how you wanted to just stay in bed all day but then the school started and it wasn't long before you got over it!

Thode din to shaanti rakhni padti hai na warna....You all know

No matter how worse it got every time, you did get over it in matter of days. And how it vanished when you and your friend sat and laughed upon each other's grades and exchanging those scolding's you both got from your respective parents.
And just the next term, it rose again from its grave and haunted you day and night!

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