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10 traditional games that originated in India which we should be proud of

Date:2017-11-26 12:57:38

By danish jaffery

Talk of this nation and we won't miss a place with the flag of excellence.

India has been a hallmark of diversity, diverse in cultures and traditions. Entertainment, sports and games have been adorning this diversity since ages and still stands a pride on the global facade.

With this article, we bring you some of the very famous games that originated in India and are still popularly acclaimed.

How many of these have you played?

1.Kith Kith

Hopping on from one box to another, drawn on the floor does indeed count in some of our stepping stones while growing up. Be it the school recess or just an evening with your sibling, the moment this game popped, this was all you had in your world next!



Chal kabaddi adda... And I better not complete this phrase but you should see me on the field!

It is appreciable how this game is now reaching new heights; being telecasted on national television and people actually watching it does give this game the place it has always deserved.


3.Kho Kho

Be it the school sports annual or just another free hour in school, there has to be someone to come up with, "let's play kho-kho" and we'd all be yayy!

I must say particularly in this game, the rules make it even more interesting!

kho kho


Okay, let's not talk of international platforms but today if someone clicks a picture of kids playing kancha then it'd be like, 'The Photograph of the Year'

Just to remind, this game as Indian as the soil it is played upon.



Often called with varying names in different parts of India, this game still adheres to the childhood memories of a lot of us.

God! it hit hard when the threw the ball! And it'd be sure thing no one's gonna miss a single chance to bruise your hips!



Well, this has been across international borders and has gifted the world some absolutely brilliant people.

Originated in ancient India, this game depicts war strategies between kingdoms, spread on a board with 64 squares colored alternately in black and white.



If you've been to a village, you might have seen men sitting together playing this game. Yes, this is that old and it has made its way all the way from there to windows games and to some of your hostel rooms as well.


8.Snakes and Ladders

Yes, you heard it right.

The game that was printed on the other age of the Ludo board, that how we remember it although we all have enjoyed it. Guess what, it originated in you very own country.



Summer vacations... Cousins gathering... hanging around with friends...

This game did cheer up all those gatherings. How it went on and on for hours and the fun didn't go an inch lower. The winner had to be the true champ!



Anyone who'd deny to have actually not had played this? I don't think so.

There need not be any special occasion for this game to pop up. And damn the diversity in the rules that it carried! Every single home had a different set of rules!

Call for any of this game but when it comes to fun, you can't rank them up! And the best part is all of these originated in our very own country.

How long has it been since you last played any of these?


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