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10 Dialogues By Your Stone Broke Friend Which You Hear Actually Every Day

Date: 2018-01-28 13:37:22

By Abhishek

"Udhaar ek jaadu hai, hum denge aur ap gayab hojaoge"
This line suits every friend of us.

Stone Broke is a person who will always be penniless, He will always be empty handed.

And yes they exist in this world ohh sorry not in this world, Actually in every friend's group. Whenever you ask them to pay this time they will always give you wonderful excuses which sometime makes you questionable to yourself "Meine Maange Hi Kyo Usse, Khud Pehle hi Dedeta/Dedeti".

But what so ever it is, you will always share the bestest bond with them, They will always be there to help you, They will compromise in each and everything for you but "*Ting Ting Tiding* not with their money."

Here we go, fasten up your seat belt and find your friend in here:

1. When you are outside the pub and your broke friend says:
Bhai aj tu dede agli baar mein dedunga

2. When you ask them to give his birthday treat.
Bhai next month deta hu paka, Iss birthday pe bhoot kharcha hogaya

3. When you ask for car pool share.
"Are bhai agle hafte mein laata/laati hu na"
You be like - "Pata nai iska next week kab ayega"

4. When you ask him to give back the money which you lend(Udhaar) them.
"Dosti mein kya udhaari-shudhaari yaar, tujhe jab help chahiye ho bata diyo"

5. When you actually needed money "Bhai aj zaroorat hai dede"
"Yar tu bhi kamaal kar raha hai, Mere pas hote to tujhse paisa maangra hota kabhi"

6. When you go out with your biggie group for dinner and then their dialogue would be
"ha to batao kitna hua? yeh lo mera share. Baaki ab tum log bhi divide karo chalo"

This is the only thing which we like about this kind of specie. "Kuch To Nikaale Paise"

7. When you are eating from the market(lajpat nagar, rohini, chandni chowk) and then they will be like,
"Dede yar aj tu dede mere pas to credit card hai aj bas"
And I be like "Ja waha ATM machine hai waha se nikaalke laa"

8. When you are going to watch a movie together and they be like,
"U already reach their so what you do is - pay for those tickets I am just coming in 5 minutes"

9. When you both are at a restaurant and the bill arrives
"Bhai mein aata hu washroom se, Tu dekh phir karte hai hisaab"

10. And In the last never ask them for khulle paise, because now you got it what will be there comeback.
Ab to Aadat Si Hai Mujhko Aise Jeene Mein

The next time you bump in with this friend, just make sure you have listed all the money you have spent on him on a piece of paper and tell them that this money will be recoup when you are going to get married.

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